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"Katie made Sheila a true flesh-and-bones rebel teenager from another time, dangerous and imposing but also kind and yearning. The song [The Three Failed Escape Attempts of Sheila Nail] is an entire play in itself and Katie, always operating on several levels, made it a show-stopping declaration of both strength and vulnerability at the same time."

 - Jennifer Ashley Tepper

"Without a doubt, Issaquah's Katie Griffith as Sweetie shone as the star of the show. Her presence gave a grounded relatability lacking in other characters. With a powerful voice and a charming handle on the banter, she played the role with an apparent ease. Having grown up in Village Theatre KIDSTAGE, Griffith has a promising career ahead of her and Village Theatre should feel pride in its own tutelage." -  Issaquah Press

"...the young, very gifted Katie Griffith" 

- The Seattle Times

"Griffith in particular, with no large role, was one of the best puppeteers, and showed incredible versatility and competence on-stage in multiple roles."

- The Examiner

"Young and winsome Katie Griffith is captivating as goth girl teen Sweetie and shows off her clear sweet voice on the musically majestic 'Feels Like Home' and the solid act one closer 'One More Thing (I'm Gonna Leave Behind).'"

- Talkin' Broadway